These are projects I have worked on or still work on to this day.

Melodyy's Avatar


Melodyy is a new Discord bot which loves to sing. It was already originally by WoW, or Joshua Pike, but he later asked me to work on front-end web development for Melodyy.
Since then, I have developed a website for Melodyy, which I'm personally really proud of, and so was Josh.
If you're interested in the final result, feel free to view it here. However, if you want to view the legacy website I developed for Melodyy before that, you can do so here.
Because I'm just so nice, you can add Melodyy to your server via this link, and you can click here if you want to join the Support Server.

Gordon Ramsay


DJB-Website is another name for the website you're currently looking at! The simple, clean design was originally designed by myself, but I got an immense amount of help from Lazer, who did a complete resdesign.
I personally really liked the redesign, and is now the main design of the website, huge thanks to Lazer for the redesign.
Later on, I did yet another redesign, which is the current design used at the moment, with a brand new colour scheme and new pages.
If you wish to contribute to this website, feel free to at the repository here.